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Shifting Lines - Mona Arshi

Friday 21 May, 2021
Mona Arshi, writer, poet and human rights lawyer, has developed a new body of poems that reflect on the shifting lines of the extraordinary landscape at Cley. Following a number of visits to the reserve, she has collaborated with Mutiny (Sophie Mellor, Marcus Romer and Simon Poulter) on a new installation work that can be explored at Cley and also at home. The work incorporates sound recordings of the marshes by Peter Cusack and photographs by Norfolk based photographer, Matthew Usher.
Visitors to the reserve can explore her new writing, as a digitally mediated work at the visitor centre and as a simple walk across the marshes or at home. To minimise disturbance please bring headphones for your mobile device if you wish to listen to Mona’s recordings on the reserve.

The work is part of the Future and Form programme developed by the University of East Anglia, exploring the interface between contemporary literature and creative technology. Sound post production work for the project has been developed by Sandy Nuttgens.

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Venue Reserve
This event is taking place at NWT Cley and Salthouse Marshes. Click here to view this reserve's profile.
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21 - 30 May. 11am - 3pm         Booking essential
31 May - 28 June, 10:30am - 4pm   No need to book. Check availability before your visit - 01263 74008
Booking information
21 - 31 May - To guarantee your place, please book a time slot via the Norwich and Norfolk Festival website -
1 - 28 June - The exhibition will be open and un-ticketed with limited availability each day.
At certain times between 1- 28 June, the exhibition will be unavailable.
Please contact Cley Visitor Centre (01263 740008) in advance of your visit to confirm availability throughout June.
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