Grants and charitable trusts

Charitable Trusts and grant giving bodies support NWT activity through valuable regular contributions towards core activities and in our efforts to secure strategically important areas of land.
We would like to thank the following charitable trusts for their support in 2015-2016:

Broads Authority Sustainable Development Fund
Charles and Caroline Barratt Charitable Trust
Christopher Cadbury Charitable Trust
Clark Bradbury Charitable Trust
Constance Mary Paxton Charitable Trust
Douglas Heath Eves Charitable Trust
Downton Banister Trust
D'oyly Carte Charitable Trust
Earl Mawby Trust
Frognal Trust
The Geoffrey Watling Charity
Heritage Lottery Fund - Our Heritage
Hyne Trust
John and Pamela Salter Charitable Trust
John Coates Charitable Trust
John Jarrold Trust
Lady Hind Charitable Trust
Leslie Mary Carter Charitable Trust
Mitchell Trust
Montague Thompson Coon Charitable Trust
Mr and Mrs Philip Rackham Charitable Trust
Norwich Town Close Estate Charity
Pennycress Charitable Trust
Pinching Family Trust
Privy Purse
Ranworth Trust
Redwing Trust
Robert Woodland Trust
Sarnia Charitable Trust
Spurrell Charitable Trust
Wensum Valley Trust
NWT would like to thank the Landfill Communities Fund and for supporting projects that help us restore vital habitat networks for threatened species across Norfolk.

Rebuilding the Bure Valley Living Landscape

The Norfolk Broads is already renowned for its natural beauty, character and unique wildlife. The area identified by NWT as the Bure Valley Living Landscape covers 3,000 hectares and is recognised as being of significant conservation importance both nationally and internationally.

Support from Biffa Award, WREN’s Biodiversity Action Fund, SITA Trust’s Enriching Nature Programme, the Redwing Trust and Essex & Suffolk Water has allowed us to start restoring the viability of the middle reaches of the Bure Valley wetland system as a complete unit by initiating the major restoration of habitats at NWT Upton Broad and Marshes, NWT Ranworth Broad and South Walsham Marshes. Once restored, this will effectively reconnect the whole system and create a landscape-scale wetland of international significance.

Hickling Marshes - A Wetland Vision for Norfolk

NWT Hickling Broad NNR lies within the River Thurne area. The broads and marshes here form one of the finest examples of an un-reclaimed wetland complex in Britain. They are of national and international importance for nature conservation, supporting a wide range of wetland plant communities and associated animal species.

In 2011 we initiated a significant project, supported by the WREN Biodiversity Action Fund, which aims to create of 35 hectares of fen from grassland and restoration of a further 42 hectares of fen. Creating a naturally functioning wetland, with seasonal variation in water levels, will reinforce existing populations of key species for their long term survival and attract larger populations of priority species such as bittern, crane and Norfolk’s iconic Swallowtail butterfly.

Restoring The Delft – The next step in a Living Landscape

The Delft is an area of former agricultural land which shares its longest boundary with the south side of NWT Grimston Warren Nature Reserve and forms a gentle south-facing slope that drains the warren towards the Gaywood River. The purchase of The Delft in 2010 presented a valuable opportunity to add another link to the Gaywood Valley Living Landscape and provide a transition between the heathland of Grimston Warren and the wet grassland of the Gaywood Valley.

The SITA Trust Enriching Nature Programme has assisted us with the initial stages of this transition by supporting the restoration of the site’s natural hydrology and the creation of areas of land that can be flushed by two water sources from Grimston Warren. The introduction of Dartmoor ponies was the first step towards the sustainable management of this developing site.
We would also like to thank the following range of partners, stakeholders and donors, without whom, many NWT projects and core work would not be possible.

Broads Authority
Broads Environmental Services Ltd
Broadland Community Partnership (Broadland District Council)
The Cator Family
Crown Point Estate
Environment Agency
Forestry Commission
The Forum Trust
Commander David Joel (in memory of Roland Green)
Natural England
Norfolk Biodiversity Information Service
Norfolk Biodiversity Partnership
Norfolk County Council
North Norfolk District Council
Norwich City Council
South Norfolk District Council
Our thanks to all anonymous trusts, foundations and individual donors.

Cley and Salthouse: A Living Coast

We would like to thank our members and the wider public for the huge support given to our vision for Cley and Salthouse and also:

The Aspinall Family
The Banister Charitable Trust
Birding World
The Birdscapes Gallery
British Birds Charitable Trust
Cley Bird Club
Emirates Bird Record Committee
Esmée Fairbairn Foundation
Fitzmaurice Trust
The Geoffrey Watling Charity
Heritage Lottery Fund
The Idlewild Trust
James Cadbury Charitable Trust
Lady Hind Trust
LSI Architects
Mr & Mrs JP Marland’s Charitable Settlement
Mr & Mrs Philip Rackham Charitable Trust
Nature Iraq (UK)
Norfolk Community Foundation
The Northwick Charitable Trust
The Pinching Family Trust
Rowan Bentall Charitable Trust
The Spurrell Charitable Trust

We would also like to thank the residents of Cley and Salthouse for their on-going enthusiasm for the project.