NWT 250 Club: Winning for Wildlife!

Volunteer club promoter, Dick Wingate 1/3
Rush Meadows has benefitted from restoration, photo by Richard Osbourne 2/3
Skylarks will benefit from restoration at Watering Farm, photo by Brian Becket 3/3
The 250 club is a small society lottery which gives 40% of its income in prizes and is established to donate the remainder towards Norfolk Wildlife Trust projects. Since its formation in 1981, members of the 250 club have raised more than £250,000 for NWT.


Winnings & tickets

Our top prize is now £250 with many other prizes - see above. The annual subscription – paid by Standing Order – is £12 per ticket and there is a 1:15 chance of winning! You can, of course, increase your chances of winning by having as many tickets as you like.

Next draws:
Friday 22 February 2019
Friday 19 July 2019

£250 first prize
£150 second prize
£100 third prize
£75 fourth prize
£50 fifth prize
Plus over 100 prizes of £30 each
The July draw Recent draw
Our 250 Club lottery reached a significant milestone in 2018, when we celebrated donations from ticket holders exceeding an incredible £250,000. We use the funds as a Third Party Contributing payment to a Landfill Operator, meaning this quarter of a million from the 250 Club has enabled us to unlock a further £2.5million towards habitat restoration projects across Norfolk.

Dereham Wetlands

In recent years this has included restoration of two NWT valley sites, Rush Meadows and Scarning Fen, 2km apart along a small tributary of the Wensum called Wendling Beck, or locally, Dereham Stream. They are both SSSI and form part of a valuable ecological corridor for wildlife through the landscape. Donations from the 250 Club – and those subsequently unlocked from WREN via Landfill Communities Fund – helped us clear scrub from the open meadow habitat, plus helped us clear ditches and install water control sluices. The recovery of Rush Meadows has been so successful that later this year we will reintroduce British White cattle to graze the fen.

Breckland heath

NWT Thompson Common in the Brecks is one of the best places in Europe for beetles, withmore than 600 species recorded, and one of only two UK sites where you can find northern pool frog. For many years, however, the site’s biodiversity has been threatened by excess nutrients seeping out of a neighbouring pig farm. Last year we were able to buy the land and will begin to restore it as grass heathland. With 250 Club-enabled funding from Biffa Award, we hope to identify and reinstate previously-lost “ghost” pingos (ancient ponds) and clear scrub to improve the connection between the new land and the existing reserve.

Meet Dick Wingate, Volunteer 250 Club Promoter

Dick has a long engagement with Norfolk Wildlife Trust, having in the past been a Trustee for 10 years, and having run the 250 Club as Volunteer Promoter with substantial back-up from the Trust’s membership team for the past 7 years.

He is a retired Town Planner, where his interest in the enhancement of the environment was one significant passion.

A keen gardener, a diminishing golfer, a watercolourist and avid thriller reader, he and his wife Maggie have 4 daughters, 10 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren.

He said: “In the early days all correspondence wa s by post, and the draws were made by pulling numbered balls from a cloth bag. Nowadays most applications are by email, and the draws are made by a random number computer programme.“Running this small lottery in conjunction with NWT is a joy. It is great to see the proceeds helping such great work by the Trust.”

There is real value in giving £12 per year for a chance to win, and a guaranteed win for local wildlife, too.

To join the Club or buy additional tickets:
  • Email Dick at nwt250@gmail.com
  • Write to Dick Wingate, Promoter NWT 250 Club, 6 Middlemarch Road, Dereham NR19 1EQ

To join the Club or to purchase additional tickets please download the web form (below)

Once you have filled in the form, please:

  • Attach it (as a PDF, Word document or JPEG file) in an email to Dick at nwt250@gmail.com; or
  • Print and post it to: Dick Wingate, Promoter NWT 250 Club, 6 Middlemarch Road, Dereham NR19 1EQ
  • Phone 01603 625540 and ask for the Membership team if you have any queries.

Responsible Gambling

When considering joining the Club, please download the rules and terms and conditions of the Club.
  • The Club is a Small Society Lottery and shall be run in accordance with the provisions of the Gambling Act 2005.
  • The subscription shall be £12 per annum paid in advance.
  • The sole purpose of the 250 Club is to raise funds for the Norfolk Wildlife Trust, and after payment of prizes and expenses, all remaining funds shall be donated to the Trust.
  • All ticket holders must be over the age of 16.
  • For more information, please visit the Gambling Commission website.
  • Please gamble responsibly i.e. only what you can afford to lose. If you have any concerns about how much you gamble please do seek advice e.g. from a charity such as www.gamcare.org.uk which can provide support confidentially.


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