NWT 250 Club: Winning for Wildlife!

£250 first prize
£150 second prize
£100 third prize
£75 fourth prize
£50 fifth prize
Plus over 100 prizes of £30 each
The 250 club is a small society lottery which gives 40% of its income in prizes and is established to donate the remainder towards Norfolk Wildlife Trust projects. Over the last 36 years, members of the 250 club have raised over £240,000 for NWT.

Winnings & tickets

Our top prize is now £250 with many other prizes - see above. The annual subscription – paid by Standing Order – is £12 per ticket and there is a 1:15 chance of winning! You can, of course, increase your chances of winning by having as many tickets as you like.

How it works

Our small lottery is run by a volunteer Promoter, Dick Wingate and all applications are processed by him. You can contact Dick directly to join the club (see below) or enquire via the NWT office or Visitor Centres.

There are two draws each year, in February and July, when around 40% is distributed in prizes.

The 250 Club can also help NWT raise even more funds for wildlife by using your donations as a Contributing Third Party payment. This means it may provide the 10% contribution to a Landfill Operator as required by Landfill Communities Fund to unlock 10 times that amount of money for our projects. If you are a 250 Club member, your donation has already helped us in restoring woodlands, wetlands and in protecting threatened species such as the common crane and natterjack toad.

To join the Club or purchase additional tickets please contact:

  • Email Dick at nwt250@gmail.com
  • Write to Dick Wingate, Promoter NWT 250 Club, 6 Middlemarch Road, Dereham, NR19 1EQ
  • Phone 01603 625540 and ask for the Membership team if you have any enquiries
   Download the 250 club accounts Download