Hickling Broad Land Purchase Appeal

Hickling Broad, credit Richard Osbourne 1/4
Archive image Water trail, Hickling Broad 2/4
Hickling Broad, credit Stephen Mole 3/4
Reserves Hickling, credit Mike Page 4/4
Hickling Broad is the largest of the 40 Norfolk and Suffolk Broads, internationally recognised for its conservation value as a wetland.

A flagship nature reserve, it is home to common crane, breeding bittern, bearded tit and Cetti’s warbler.  In winter, large numbers of marsh harrier roost together with merlin and hen harrier. Water vole and otter are often seen. Insects also make it their home such as the rare Norfolk Hawker dragonfly.  Essential plants such as milk parsley provide vital food for Norfolk’s iconic swallowtail caterpillar.
Marsh Harrier, credit Nick Appleton
Swallowtail, NWT Hickling Broad, credit David Rounce
Hickling Broad first became a wildlife reserve in 1945.  However, we do not own all the land we manage and 655 acres of this wildlife rich-habitat was recently put on the open market – the first time for 200 years.  

We now have an amazing opportunity to acquire this land by 31 March 2017 and we need your help to do so.  Please help us raise £1 million to own and protect Hickling Broad in its entirety, a flagship nature reserve with a history of safeguarding wildlife.

90 years ago our 12 founding members faced a similar challenge in Norfolk.  How best to protect vital wildlife areas for endangered species?  As they did then, please help us now, the UK’s oldest wildlife trust, acquire vital habitat.    With your help we can care for it as a whole now and for the future.



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