Go Wild at Work

Share the love for Norfolk’s wildlife with a bake sale or raffle, like White Stuff Norwich 1/5
Challenge yourself to get closer to wildlife: walk, run, or cycle to work for the week 2/5
Host a nature-themed lunch, tea party, or outdoor picnic for your staff or community 3/5
Inspire your colleagues with a lunchtime wildlife talk 4/5
Our information pack has plenty of ideas for fundraising at work 5/5
This June we are teaming up with local businesses to Go Wild at Work, in conjunction with 30 Days Wild.

From 1-10 June 2018, we are inviting everyone to help raise much needed funds in their workplace to support local wildlife.

As the county’s largest conservation charity, our work never ends. We work continuously to protect Norfolk’s unique habitats, and the diverse wildlife they support, as well as increasingly threatened species found on our doorsteps, for future generations to enjoy.

But the future of our local wildlife is uncertain without vital support from our members, sponsors, and the wider community.

You can make a difference!

Whether you work in an office, a kitchen, on a farm, or on the road, you can Go Wild at Work.  Does your business:
  1. Value Norfolk’s special landscapes and countryside, and their resident wildlife?
  2. Want to make a difference in your local community?
  3. Want to contribute to a healthier environment for all?
  4. Want to improve staff wellbeing and team relationships?
If you answered “yes” to any of the above, why not sign up and get started today

Go Wild at Work information pack

For more information on benefits to your business and the difference you can make, as well as ideas on how to get involved, download a free information pack
   Download your free information pack here Download