Join us this year in taking a closer look at your garden and make space for wildlife

All creatures great and small

Monday 15 February, 2021

As part of the 95th anniversary year Norfolk Wildlife Trust is surveying the Bishop’s House Garden in Norwich to take a detailed look at wildlife found in an urban garden and suggest ways that everyone in Norfolk can improve gardens for wildlife. 

Two NWT volunteers will visit the garden each month, in compliance with the Government’s Covid-19 guidelines, to record the birds, mammals, amphibians, reptiles and some of the invertebrates – in particular the bees and butterflies – using the garden. Details of all the records will be shared with Norfolk Biodiversity Information Service.

We will share the wildlife findings in video clips and blog posts, with tips on actions to take to improve your own garden for wildlife. We encourage everyone to share their own garden wildlife updates with us via the NWT website and social media. 

The Bishop’s House Garden wildlife audit

Later this year we plan to hold a community “BioBlitz” open garden event at the Bishop’s House Garden. Expect wildlife activities for all ages, and the opportunity to take part in citizen science surveys in the garden. The event will raise money for NWT’s Children And Nature Programme, which delivers projects connecting children with the natural world. Previous projects have included working with Norwich Foodbank to provide activities during school holidays; and wildlife outreach sessions at Sure Start children’s centres in Norfolk, for the very young and their families and carers. 

Chief Executive of Norfolk Wildlife Trust, Pamela Abbott said: “This year Norfolk Wildlife Trust reaches its 95th anniversary and we are spending the year recognising the wonder of our local wildlife and how we can all take action to look after it.”   

Senior Wildlife and Community Officer at Norfolk Wildlife Trust Gemma Walker, said: “Never underestimate the importance of gardens for wildlife! Gardens have a vital role to play in providing food, shelter and space for a whole host of species. Join us this year in taking a closer look at your garden and make space for wildlife. No matter what size your garden, you will be amazed at the number of different animals and plants that call it home.”

Bishop Graham said: “It’s an immense privilege to be the present custodian of the historic Bishop’s House Garden and I am delighted that Norfolk Wildlife Trust is helping me to enhance its biodiversity. With a background as an ecologist, I see caring for God’s creation as a core part of living the Christian life. I hope this joint project will enable that to happen in this patch of God’s earth so that our visitors on summer open days can delight even more in the beauty and diversity of this garden.”
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