Make the most of your coast!

Friday 05 July, 2013

We do love to be beside the seaside, and Norfolk Wildlife Trust is urging coast-lovers to do more than dip a toe in the water this summer as they invite the county to plunge into the possibilities of exploring the undersea world.Our Marine Wildlife: National Marine Week runs for more than two weeks from 27 July - 11 August offering endless opportunities to day-trippers and holidaymakers who want to savour our shores and discover what lies beneath the waves.

All around the UK coasts, Wildlife Trust staff and volunteers will be sharing their knowledge, so whether you want to find out more about edible crabs, squat lobsters, or starlet sea anemones there will be events where people can enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of the sea and learn more about its riches.

David North, Head of People and Wildlife for Norfolk Wildlife Trust, said:  “We want this year’s National Marine Week to be very much a celebration of the wonderfully varied wildlife we have in our seas.  We want to inspire people to find more to enjoy, more to learn and more to value in the fantastic marine life around our shores.”

A shoal of marine events will be spread over 16 days including: rock pool rummaging, coastal capers and sea dipping. Last year’s National Marine Week saw more than 80 events in the UK, all contributing to a greater understanding of the hugely varied habitats to be found under coastal waters and awareness of the wildlife they support.

Head of Living Seas at The Wildlife Trusts, Joan Edwards said: “Everyone remembers childhood trips to the seaside, peering into rockpools and picking up seashells. We want to build on that innate enthusiasm. We want to remind people that we need to protect a richly varied natural resource. As well as being a source of wonder, it is also a playground, a food supply, a conduit for our imports and exports and a climate regulator that absorbs vast quantities of greenhouse gases while releasing oxygen we can breathe. We are an island nation and the sea is a vital part of our national identity.

“But visitors to the coast want to have fun, and our National Marine Week events offer countless opportunities for people to savour the seaside and find out so much more about what our coasts have to offer. Once they know what’s out there, we have no doubt that many more people will want to see our marine habitats and wildlife properly protected.”
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