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Western Link threatens probable largest barbastelle bat colony in UK 

01 Dec, 2020
If the Western Link for the NDR were to go ahead on its proposed route, it would drive through what is likely to be the largest known ‘super-colony’ of barbastelle...

Extension to Norfolk’s largest ancient wood to take root

27 Nov, 2020
An arable field next to Norfolk’s largest ancient wood will be restored to its native woodland history, as a generous donation enables purchase by Norfolk Wildlife Trust. ...

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The Wildlife Trusts welcome Liz Bonnin as new president 
26 Nov, 2020
Broadcaster and biologist, Liz Bonnin was elected as president of The Wildlife Trusts today. The first woman to take...

Conservation partnership to create Healthy Hedgerows
24 Nov, 2020
Norfolk Wildlife Trust and Norfolk Farming & Wildlife Advisory Group have come together to promote the value of...

Sydney Long Medal awarded to county fungi recorder
19 Nov, 2020
Norfolk's most prestigious award for naturalists, the Sydney Long Memorial Medal has been awarded to Dr Tony...