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Jess French joins Norfolk Wildlife Trust as Children’s Ambassador

01 May, 2018
Our new Sure Start project will engage with children and families at the very start of their lives, giving them hands-on, crucial contact with the natural world. Norfolk...

County Wildlife Sites threatened by government planning changes

27 Apr, 2018
From ancient woodlands and flower meadows to wildlife oases in our towns and cities, there are thousands of quiet, often unnoticed places where wildlife thrives. They are known...

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Nigel and Joshua’s Lad join the grazing ponies on local wildlife site
25 Apr, 2018
Two Dartmoor Ponies are settling in to their new home at Litcham Common in West Norfolk, where they will graze the...

Ben to go Broads to Brecks to celebrate Norfolk Day
18 Apr, 2018
Ambassador of Norfolk Wildlife Trust and of Norfolk Day, Dr Ben Garrod, will journey across Norfolk on Friday 27 July...

New research reveals nature’s beauty increases happiness
17 Apr, 2018
30 Days Wild pioneers action to connect people with nature The Wildlife Trusts’ annual nature challenge...