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Events programme to be reduced

18 Sep, 2020
We are reducing the number of events this autumn as a precautionary measure and to comply with Government guidelines. Specifically we are cancelling those where we...

Call for a new designation – Wildbelt – to allow nature’s recovery 

17 Sep, 2020
New analysis of the Government’s White Paper, Planning for the Future, has revealed that, as they currently stand, the proposed reforms will increase the threat to nature...

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Volunteers receive warm welcome back
15 Sep, 2020
Norfolk Wildlife Trust’s volunteers do amazing things for wildlife, from surveying wild areas to improve local...

NDR Western Link: Norfolk Wildlife Trust will object
02 Sep, 2020
Norfolk Wildlife Trust will strongly object to any planning application for the Western Link and has written to the...

Biodiversity audit aims to catalogue every wildlife species on north Norfolk coast
01 Sep, 2020
A huge biodiversity audit to catalogue the north Norfolk coast’s wildlife, in a similar way to the 2010 Brecks...