Wildlife in Common

Join us as we celebrate the wonderful wildlife on our Norfolk commons! As part of our two-yearproject funded by National Lottery Heritage Fund, we will look at a special species each month, as well as news updates on how the project is going and how you can get involved.

Winners announced in Norfolk Commons Photo Competition

04 Oct, 2018
Lively ponies behind beautiful orchids at Roydon Common in West Norfolk has been chosen by the...

Photo Competition to celebrate our Commons

04 Sep, 2018
We have more than 300 commons in Norfolk, and a new photography competition launched today hopes...

Celebrate Norfolk Commons Week

30 Aug, 2018
From Saturday 22 to Sunday 30 September NWT is holding a week of free walks, talks, activities...

Wildlife in Common

22 May, 2018
A two year project celebrating Norfolk’s commons and their wildlife and heritage has begun,...
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Norfolk Commons Week

by David North
Be part of Norfolk Commons Week: Saturday 22 September to Sunday 30 September {{image1}}Close...

Wildlife in Common - Grayling butterfly

by Barry Madden
A medium sized brown butterfly flies up from almost beneath your feet, flutters away from you for...

Wildlife in Common - grass snake

by Barry Madden
The shrieks of alarm from my mother could be heard all along the street leaving neighbours...

Wildlife in Common - green tiger beetle

by Barry Madden
In this month’s Wildlife in Common series, Norfolk Wildlife Trust’s Barry Madden...

Wildlife in Common

by Helen Baczkowska
My earliest encounters with wildlife were on the few hectares of common land I now live near...

Wildlife in Common - Turtle Dove

by Barry Madden
{{image1}}Norfolk has more than 350 registered commons, many are rich in wildlife and most have...

Wildlife in Common - hedgehog

by Barry Madden
There are few more familiar and beloved creatures than that spiny nocturnal wanderer, the...

Wildlife in Common - water vole

by Barry Madden
Mole was busy contemplating a dark hole in the river bank…  ‘As he gazed...

Wildlife in Common - barn owl

by Barry Madden
I remember my first encounter with a barn owl very well. My friend and I were trespassing as...

The Creative Commons

by Annabel Hill
How many of us today would know where our nearest common is, or which birds, mammals...
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