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Blog posts and articles from Norfolk Wildlife Trust's local members groups.
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A Conservation Work Party at Upton Fen

by Jerry Simpson on 27 Jan, 2022
The Broadland Local Group conservation work party for December 2021 took place at Upton Fen on...

Broadland Group's Return to Work at Upton Fen

by Jerry Simpson on 09 Dec, 2021
The Broadland Local Group of the NWT have been carrying out conservation work on NWT reserves in...

Broadland Group Moth Night

by Jerry Simpson on 07 Oct, 2021
Norfolk Wildlife Trust's Broadland Local Group recently enjoyed a moth night at our...

Horsey Butterfly Walk by the Broadland Local Group

by Jerry Simpson on 26 Aug, 2021
Norfolk Wildlife Trust's local groups are beginning to meet again and our Broadland Local...

Norwich Nature Notes – August

by Roger and Jenny Jones on 14 Sep, 2020
Perhaps it is inevitable that these notes should open with a comment on the weather. As July...

Norwich Nature Notes – July

by Roger and Jenny Jones on 04 Aug, 2020
Coming in where we left off in Nature Notes 3, with the partial lifting of lockdown, we were free...

Norwich Nature Notes – June

by Roger and Jenny Jones and Jon Shutes on 23 Jun, 2020
After the rush of spring the last few weeks have seemed much quieter. The nuthatches have gone...

Norwich Nature Notes – May

by Roger and Jenny Jones on 21 May, 2020
The human race may have been severely affected by coronavirus but wildlife is still out and...

Norwich Nature Notes

by Roger and Jenny Jones on 21 Apr, 2020
As you will be aware Norfolk Wildlife Trust has had to cancel all events up to 31 July because of...
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