Living Seas

As well as NWT’s Living Landscape projects, we are also working alongside other Wildlife Trusts on a nationwide Living Seas campaign. Our seas, and their precious resources, require support and protection from our elected officials, to ensure that our unique marine habitats and wildlife can thrive, from their offshore depths right into the coastal shallows.

NWT envisages and strives for Living Seas in which:
  • Marine wildlife and habitats are recovering from past declines as our use of the seas’ resources becomes environmentally sustainable.
  • The natural environment is adapting well to a changing climate, with ocean processes helping to slow down climate change.
  • People are inspired by marine wildlife and value the sea for the many ways in which it supports our quality of life.

Mass marine death along North Sea coast

05 Mar, 2018
Tens of thousands of marine animals have been washed up along the UK’s east coast following...

Cley Calling celebrates Norfolk’s starry skies this weekend

05 Dec, 2017
Do you know your mallard from your gadwall? Do you fancy a spot of frosty storytelling with a...

New report urges Government to tackle five challenges simultaneously

25 Oct, 2017
Today The Wildlife Trusts publish a new report that sets a vision for our marine environment post...

Cley Calling – Autumn Colours

20 Sep, 2017
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Cley Calling - Summer Sea

24 Jul, 2017
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Norfolk's biggest BioBlitz

19 Jul, 2017
This weekend (22 & 23 July 2017) Norfolk will see one of the largest wildlife surveys...

New report calls for 48 new protected areas at sea

30 Sep, 2016
Today The Wildlife Trusts publish a new report, ‘The case for more Marine Conservation...

Second wave of marine protection welcomed by Norfolk Wildlife Trust

17 Jan, 2016
Today Norfolk Wildlife Trust welcomes the news that this Government is designating a second phase...

Norfolk’s recommended MCZ is included in the consultation

31 Jan, 2015
The long-awaited consultation on the next stages of Marine Conservation Zone (MCZs) designation...

Consultation on Marine Conservation Zones expected this month

13 Jan, 2015
Norfolk Wildlife Trust has high hopes that the Cromer Shoal Chalk Beds in Norfolk will be one of...
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Norfolk doesn't end at the sea!

by Rob Spray
A popular joke amongst SCUBA divers is that landlubbers miss out on most of the planet... a tease...
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Living Seas

Duration: 7:16
We dive into the North Sea to celebrate the Living Seas campaign and hear from the people...
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