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Norwich Nature Notes – June

by Roger and Jenny Jones and Jon Shutes on 23 Jun, 2020
After the rush of spring the last few weeks have seemed much quieter. The nuthatches have gone...

Norwich Nature Notes – May

by Roger and Jenny Jones on 21 May, 2020
The human race may have been severely affected by coronavirus but wildlife is still out and...

Incredible insects

by Tom Hibbert on 08 Apr, 2020
Insects are everywhere, often overlooked, but playing vital roles in almost every ecosystem. Meet...

Crafty Creations

by Maya Riches (guest author) on 05 Mar, 2020
Last Friday was the Crafty Creations event at Hickling where we got to make lots of wildlife...

Volunteering at the Raptor Roost

by Maya Riches on 11 Feb, 2020
{{image1}}This weekend I volunteered at Hickling for the Wildlife Watch’s Raptor Roost...

25 years of support

by Ellen Kinsley  on 09 Nov, 2019
The Wildlife Trusts' Partnerships Manager Ellen Kinsley looks at some of the...

Litter picking

by Maya Riches (guest author, age 10) on 18 Jun, 2019
{{image1}}Earlier in the year I got a litter picker so I went to the beach to try it out. While...

What A Waste

by Maya Riches (guest author, age 10) on 01 May, 2019
Book Review: What A Waste by Jess French This is a wonderful book that shows us what we’re...

Leaving the nest

by Mark Webster on 16 Apr, 2019
As any bird will tell you, there are always mixed feelings when your babies leave the nest. When...

More flapwort than nettles

by Jenny Jones (guest author) on 28 Feb, 2019
Mobilising Norfolk Wildlife Trust’s historical biological records I like to be busy...
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