Whether you are a dedicated naturalist observing wildlife every day or a complete wildlife novice; whether you live in the middle of Norwich or in a remote bit of Norfolk’s rural countryside, taking part in 30 Days Wild this June is a fantastic opportunity.  

The idea is simple. Wildlife Trusts across the country are encouraging people to spend a little time every day for the 30 days of June to connect in new ways to the natural world around them.

Thick kneed flower beetles, by Jonathan Bye

I have loved wildlife and being outdoors in nature as long as I can remember but I will still be signing up this June.  Amongst the many benefits will be developing your sixth sense. As D. H. Lawrence said, “There is a sixth sense… that is the sense of wonder.”

There are many different ways to connect to nature – in 30 Days Wild we call these actions that help us connect to nature, ‘Random Acts of Wildness’. By signing up, you will be joining a community of people sharing their ideas and the ways they are building their personal connection to nature.

This year my challenge for myself will be developing my sixth sense, that sense of wonder. So here are my ideas which I’m looking forward to turning into my Random Acts of Wildness this June.


Small wonders

Almost every natural thing – a leaf on a tree, a small flower, a moss or lichen-covered twig – is truly extraordinary when you look at in detail.  A small hand lens can reveal hidden natural worlds on your doorstep, in your garden, on every walk.


Big wonders

Make connections with wildlife this month, credit Tom Marshall

The Norwegian philosopher Arne Naess, once said: “The smaller we come to feel ourselves compared to the mountain, the nearer we come to participating in its greatness.” While we don’t have many mountains in Norfolk, nature gives us plenty of opportunities to wonder at its power and scale. During 30 Days Wild I will make sure I sit on the sea’s edge and watch the horizon. And on a clear night, I will take time to wonder at the stars.


Making connections

John Muir was an influential naturalist and an early advocate for the preservation of wilderness. He said: “When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe.” There is a wonder to the truth that all things connect. With every breath I take I am connected to the forests and ocean algae that created the oxygen in my air. My body is connected through evolution to the whole history of life on this strange, wonderful and mysterious planet.

Wonder is not the only sense that 30 Days Wild can polish. A sense of place, of perspective, of time and season, of beauty and a sense of oneness and belonging are just some other senses you might discover in your June 30 Days Wild adventure with nature.

You can register to take part by visiting wildlifetrusts.org/30dayswild and encourage your friends and neighbours to join in too!
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