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Wildlife in Common

by Helen Baczkowska
My earliest encounters with wildlife were on the few hectares of common land I now live near. Here, as a child, I first saw a drifting barn owl, a grass snake swimming in a pond...

A record breaking year of volunteering for NWT

by Alan Marchbank
Volunteers support just about every aspect of Norfolk Wildlife Trust’s work: whether wielding a computer mouse in an office, a spade on a nature reserve or a bat detector...

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Befriending bees
by Helen Baczkowska
Despite weeks of cold weather, it won’t be long now until we start to hear the buzzing of our beautiful and...

County Wildlife Action
by Helen Baczkowska
Over the past two years, volunteers across Norfolk have been busy recording wildlife on open access land and...

Natural drama under the surface of the Broads
by Kevin Hart
Norfolk is rich in habitats and wildlife, with the Broads a shining jewel in the crown. A tranquil and beautiful...

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