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Autumn leaves us wistful

by Robert Morgan
We can feel mixed emotions during nature’s transition from summer to winter says Norfolk Wildlife Trust’s Reserves Officer Robert Morgan..     The...

Summer at Sweet Briar Marshes

by Nick Acheson
I led a walk this summer. Ostensibly we were looking for plants, but I’m not known for sticking to the script. So there were greenfinches, chiffchaffs, tree bumblebees, a...

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Saving Beetles
by Robert Morgan
When Charles Darwin was asked what his studies of natural history had taught him about the mind of God, the creator...

Beneath our feet
by Robert Morgan
Living in our soil is a wealth of wildlife, and it is more vital to us than we think, says Norfolk Wildlife Trust...

Facing the future at Cley and Salthouse Marshes
by NWT
In spring 1937, Billy Bishop made contact with Dr Sydney Long to share the news that he had found the first bittern...

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