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Winter Marsh

by Nick Acheson
It is winter now, in late November. Today though is a rare day of perfect winter beauty. The sun shines low in a cold blue sky and the colours of the land are freed from the...

The humble hedgerow

by David North
The humble hedgerow is often overlooked when we’re out walking, but at this time of year they are rich pickings for wildlife and their value to our landscape and heritage...

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The Koniks of Thompson Common
by Paul Waterhouse
The Konik is a very hardy and primitive breed of pony originating from Poland. They are a descendent of the ancient...

Helping nature to help us
by David North
Nature is pretty amazing at sorting out the mess we make.  And this is certainly true when it comes to one of...

Rare flower thrives again at secret site
by Robert Morgan
In late summer volunteers from the Breckland Flora group (BFG), a locally active survey group that maintains records...

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