Protecting Cley Marshes’ wildlife from rising sea levels

From September 2023 we are undertaking major works at Cley Marshes, to help the reserve and its wildlife adapt to rising sea levels and protect its freshwater habitats. 

In previous winter storms, huge volumes of shingle have been pushed by waves onto the marshes, blocking parts of the ‘New Cut’ - a drain located on the north side of the reserve that removes saltwater from the site. 

This work will see the most vulnerable section of the New Cut moved to the south, making it far less likely to become filled with shingle.   

Other works taking place include reprofiling the North Scrape, beloved of winter waterfowl and waders, rejuvenating an area of reedbed to benefit bitterns and other reedbed species into the future, and the installation of a new hide on wheels overlooking the North Scrape which can be towed to safety when a major storm is forecast.  

We anticipate the works will take no longer than 3 months, and don’t expect any significant changes to visitor access during this time. 

This project has been funded by the Environment Agency Eastern Regional Flood and Coastal Committee and through generous donations by NWT supporters, including Cley Bird Club and the family of Robert Gillmor.