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Please note: If you are aged under 16 please ask an adult to submit your photo and fill in the details requested. They can supply your age if you want in the photo details box.

Guidance for photographers

  • We can only accept photos taken in Norfolk and showing Norfolk places or Norfolk’s wildlife.
  • We regret only a selection of the images submitted to the gallery can be displayed on the website and the period between images being submitted and being displayed may be up to four weeks.
  • Please do not submit large numbers of photos of the same subject – select one or two striking images. To help you decide what to send, have a look at the existing images on the gallery and the categories we have chosen. Don’t be put off sending an image though – we are seeking interesting and thought provoking images not necessarily high quality or ‘professional looking’ ones. However, please upload as hi-res versions of your photos as your internet connection will allow (up to a 4MB size limit).
  • As well as possibly featuring in NWT's online photo gallery your photos may also help to publicise our conservation work – for instance, we might feature them in our promotional leaflets, our Tern magazine, or perhaps even include them  as part of a resource pack that we send to the media to promote our stories. We will always endeavour to make sure that you are always credited as the photographer.

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I understand that Norfolk Wildlife Trust reserves the right to use any image submitted to the gallery to help the conservation of Norfolk’s wildlife. Photos will be credited, and will not be sold to third parties, but no payment will be made for any current or future use by Norfolk Wildlife Trust of images submitted to the gallery: