Visit Thorpe Marshes

NWT Thorpe Marshes, photo by Richard Osbourne
Thorpe Marshes is our most urban site, situated on the edge of Norwich, in Thorpe St Andrew. Its cost proximity to the city makes it an ideal site for local schools to visit. The reserve is a diverse mix of dykes, open water (from a former gravel working) and grazing marshes. The diverse habitats appeal to a diverse range of species. Although on the fringe of the city, the reserve feels remote and abundant in life.

New changes to improve the site for wildlife also provided opportunities to improve the site for people, with a new dipping platform within the education area. The gravel area in the education area is full of insects, ideal for investigating small invertebrates.

Habitat trail, miraculous minibeast, dyke dipping and brilliant birds are ideal session for Primary school pupils. The site also lends its self to Secondary and Highter education pupils wanting to carry out surveys such as Freshwater invertebrates and plant surveying, as well as learning more about how we manage the site in our Conservation management session.

Thorpe Marshes is prolific in water soldier which makes it a fantastic site for seeing one of Norfolk’s most iconic species, the Norfolk hawker dragonfly.

Sessions available at Thorpe Marshes


•    Habitat Trail
•    Brilliant Birds
•    Dyke Dipping
•    Environmental Games
•    Wild Art
•    Miraculous minibeasts

Secondary and higher

•    Conservation Management
•    Freshwater invertebrates
•    Ecological Surveying

Contact information

To discuss a visit to Thorpe Marshes and to book, please contact our Senior Education Officer, Annabel Hill, Senior Education Officer, 01603 625540


•    No car and coach parking
•    No toilets

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