Our outreach sessions inspire your pupils about the wildlife and the wild spaces in and around your school. An outreach session can include an assembly to the whole school before working with individual classes outside in your school grounds.

The assembly would introduce Norfolk Wildlife Trust, key Norfolk species and the importance of all species. The assembly concludes by asking the pupils to recreate a local habitat to inspire them about their local wild spaces. After the assembly we aim to engage with every class by tailoring the same hour session to each class to suit the relevant key stage. Each hour session starts inside before continuing outside in the school grounds with the following activities.

Environmental games

Environmental games can be adapted to suit themes being investigated by a class in school. Pupils are encourages to use their senses and their imagination to learn about the natural world through play.

Sensory bags

Sensory bags encourages pupils to view and value local, natural history items. Pupils use their senses to guess natural history items in bags. Items vary depending on the natural surrounds of your school.

Natural history items

Natural history items are fascinating to all ages. Pupils are taught key identification facts to learn how to determine which item (skull, nest, snake skin) belonged to which species.


Species signs

Species signs encourages children to take a closer look for signs of wildlife. Pupils are provided with pictures of different signs of different species to identify wildlife.


Please see below for our charges. One NWT Education Officer is required per class.
One NWT Education Officer for half a day is £120 + VAT, for a full day is £200 + VAT
Two NWT Education Officers for half a day is £220 + VAT, for a full day is £295 + VAT