Take a WildWalk and share your wildlife sightings

Get walking and enjoy our wonderful wildlife (photo by Matthew Roberts) 1/3
Enjoy the wonders of nature, while helping it at the same time (photo by Matthew Roberts) 2/3
Records will be used by NWT to study our Living Landscape schemes (photo by Matthew Roberts) 3/3

Is NWT Upton Broad and Marshes or NWT Thorpe Marshes your local patch? 

We are asking people to help us record the wildlife found on these two wonderful reserves. Our WildWalks project is a great excuse to get out for a walk, while helping wildlife in the Broads National Park at the same time. Time spent walking in nature makes you feel good. Taking a walk is also an opportunity to help conservation efforts, by keeping a record of what you see on the way and adding your records to those of other visitors to create a fuller picture of the wildlife found in an area.

This project is part of a wider Broads Landscape Partnership project, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and run by the Broads Authority. We are focusing on two of our nature reserves in the Broads National Park. Upton Broad and Marshes in the Bure and Thurne Living Landscape, close to the village of Upton, which is an important site for Norfolk hawkers, marsh harriers and barn owls. Thorpe Marshes, on the edge of Norwich at Thorpe St. Andrew, is home to water voles, otters and orange-tip butterflies. We would love you to share your wildlife sightings with us, whether you see a seven-spot ladybird or a bittern, a daisy or a Chinese water deer, every record helps us to build a picture of what is found on these two fantastic sites.

The WildWalk Routes

We have created three different WildWalk routes (see maps below) and you can decide which one you would like to adopt. You can do all three if you so wish (Government guidelines allowing), you will just need to remember to make a note of which route you were on when you record what you saw.

Download the map routes

   Thorpe-Marshes-Wild-Walks - Download   
   Upton-In-Step-With-the-Marsh Download   
   Upton-Tall-Mill-Circular Download   
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There are three ways to get involved!

Become a regular WildWalks recorder

If either of these reserves is in your local area and you would be happy to walk it at least once a season (four times in a year) from April 2021 to March 2022 and record what you see then please email us and we will send you further information on how to log your records. Please remember to tell us which reserve, Upton or Thorpe Marshes, you would be happy to survey.


Top 20 Wildlife Spotter

For the WildWalks project we have highlighted 20 species in particular (see the bottom of this page) we would like to collect records for, please keep your eyes peeled when out on Upton Broad and Marshes or Thorpe Marshes and submit your records for these 20 species - read more here

Every record counts, send us your adhoc sightings

Whether it is a single sighting, one of our 20 key species or a longer species list - every record counts. Each record helps us to build a picture of the wildlife that lives on the reserves. If you visit these reserves anytime from April 2021 to March 2022 (Government guidelines allowing) please share your wildlife records with us. Remember we need to know your name, what you saw, when you saw it, and which WildWalk route you were on to make it a record. 

2022 WildWalks

You can see our 2022 WildWalks below, or download a PDF here.
Free training at recording workshops
Register your interest by emailing us now
Wild Volunteers
Volunteering opportunities at Thorpe Marshes, taking place once a month on a Friday
Teachers and local schools
There will be the opportunity for a free visit to your school to help your pupils learn about loc...

Top 20 Wildlife Spotter

As part of the WildWalks project we are asking people walking at Upton Broad and Marshes and Thorpe Marshes to submit records of wildlife found. From April 2021 to March 2022 (Government guidelines allowing) we are asking people to document 20 key species (although do send other sightings if you would like). Explore the list below and keep your eyes peeled on your Wild Walk!

Please email [email protected]. To make it a wildlife record we need to know your name, what you saw, when you saw it, and where you were.

We want to take good care of your information

We will keep your details secure at all times. We will use your details to process and respond to your submission of information. 

Norfolk Wildlife Trust and Norfolk Biodiversity Information Service (NBIS) are working together under a Data Sharing Agreement to process the records from this project and may securely share your details with each other for this purpose only. For more information you can contact either of us for details or our full Privacy Policy