Sweet Briar Engagement

Discovery stage – listening and learning 

As well as conserving and restoring valuable ecological habitats and biodiversity at Sweet Briar Marshes, we are excited about the opportunity the space has for inspiring people to care for and act for wildlife, as well as benefit from having easy access to nature for their wellbeing and enjoyment.  
In order to make these important nature connections, particularly with the local community, we have been using a collaborative approach to developing Sweet Briar Marshes. This means working with the community and other stakeholders to make plans for the future of the nature reserve.   

Working with local communities 

Our focus has been on listening to the views of people, groups and schools who are based in the area surrounding Sweet Briar Marshes. We asked – what do they want to see and do at our newest urban nature reserve?  
During 2023, our engagement team has been busy meeting the local community and gathering their ideas and feedback, as well as giving talks in schools and community centres.  They’ve also been running free events, from guided walks to practical conservation tasks so people can get to know Sweet Briar Marshes prior to it being open to the public. Over one thousand people have got involved in our community engagement. 

A shared vision for Sweet Briar Marshes 

Our appointed landscape architects SheilsFlynn have been working with us and representatives of local communities to jointly design a vision for the future. This 'concept plan' captures the feedback received from community engagement, as well as shows the possibilities and constraints from in-depth research and growing knowledge of the site.