Discover nature where you live! Beautiful green spaces for family time outside

We are lucky in Norfolk to have so many fantastic places to explore with your family, right on your doorstep!

Wildlife isn’t just encountered on nature reserves, and a walk in a green space can be just as beneficial to your mental wellbeing. We’ve picked out our favourites on the map below, with details of facilities and directions. Plus what to take and some seasonal ideas of things to do and wildlife to look for.

These are part of our Sure Start with Nature project at three centres across Norfolk, click on the tab nearest your Sure Start centre. We hope to expand the project to other Sure Start Centres in the future. Click here to read more.
Wear suitable outdoor clothing for the season, such as sturdy boots, layers of clothes (how many will depend on the season/weather), long sleeved tops and trousers (this will keep you and your little ones warm on cold days and stop them being burnt or being scratched on warm days), hat – sunhat in summer, warm hat in winter, sun cream in summer, gloves and scarves in winter. Also consider waterproof jackets and trousers if the weather is a bit wet; there is lots of fun to be had outside exploring even if it is raining. Especially during the spring and summer consider taking insect repellent.

There is much to see and do in all seasons - some ideas in the box below - and all year round!
  • Go on a colour hunt; see how many different colours you can find in nature
  • Make a clay creature using natural materials inspired by your wildlife spots
  • Go on a nature scavenger hunt and see how many different treasure you can find. Why not make a list and try and find something hard, soft, round, smooth…
  • Go wildlife watching! Download a spotter sheet from the links below and see what you can find!
Look for spring flowers, frog and toad spawn and ladybirds! Go on a minibeast hunt with a magnifying glass
Explore underwater by rock pooling or pond dipping. Keep an eye out for bats and grasshoppers!
Gather conkers, blackberries and autumn leaves and make sure to jump in some muddy puddles in your wellies!
Look for footprints in the snow, see if you can work out who has left them behind. Can you spot a winter robin?

Spotter sheets for wildlife fun at home!

   Autumn-leaves - Autumn leaf spotter Download   
   BeeIDsheet Download   
   Bird-of-prey-detective Download   
   Butterfly-detective - butterfly detective Download   
   Caterpillar Download   
   Dragons-and-damsels Download   
   Duck-detective Download   
   Finch-detective Download   
   Fungi-detective Download   
   Gall-spotter Download   
   Garden-bird-detective Download   
   Goose-and-swan-detective Download   
   Grazing-mammal-spotter Download   
   Ladybird-detective Download   
   Malefemale birds Download   
   Moth-spotter Download   
   Nibbler-spotter Download   
   Pond dipping Download   
   Shoreline-detective Download   
   Snail-detective Download   
   Spring-tree Download   
   Spring-wildflowers Download   
   Summer-flowers Download   
   Summer-wader-spotter Download   
   Urban-bird-detective Download   
   Warbler-detective Download   
   Wild-fruit-detective Download   
   Winter-bird-spotter Download   
   Winter-nuts-and-berries Download   
   Winter-wader-detective Download   
   Woodland-butterfly Download   
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