Go Go Sydney Long Ears!

Sydney Long Ears – NWT's beautiful GoGoHares sculpture, named in memory of the Trust's founder 1/3
Sydney sailing into his summer spot at NWT Ranworth Broad 2/3
This summer’s trail begins on Sunday 24 June 3/3
The most recent Go Go trail animal was a hare, a popular subject for artists and regularly seen in the countryside of East Anglia. As well as the trail of 50 city hares in Norwich, there were a further 18 rural ‘moongazer’ hares, and we were delighted to host one at NWT Ranworth Broad. Our hare was sponsored by NWT Investors in Wildlife, Swallowtail Print.

“Sydney Long Ears” is named after our founder Dr Sydney Long, who led a group of 12 friends in 1926 to purchase Cley Marshes and protect it “in perpetuity”. The hare is painted with a map of the Bure Valley Living Landscape, a landscape of wildlife-rich broads, marshes, fens, reedbeds and damp woodland.

From its earliest days led by Sydney Long, the Trust has striven to secure precious fragments of habitat in an increasingly developed Norfolk and to connect nature reserves to maintain thriving landscapes. The Bure Valley Living Landscape now covers more than 10,000 hectares, including some of the finest wildlife sites in the country.

Join us at an event at Ranworth this summer!