Summer holidays are coming!

Let's go wild in our gardens this summer holiday! Gardens can provide vital refuges and valuable havens for wildlife, and so we are encouraging everyone to nurture nature  this summer. Here are six things you can do to nurture nature in your garden:

1. Please the pollinators! Plants such as viper’s bugloss, comfrey and bird’s foot trefoil are beloved by bees.

2. Say goodbye to slug pellets, and say hello to garden-friendly hedgehogs, frogs and birds that will eat slugs and snails for you. An area of long grasses and a pile of logs will give your new friends a refuge too.

3. Install a bird box or a bat box. Or better still, both!

4. Create a pond to make your own mini-wetland: quite apart from the creatures that may come to live in it, others may find it to feed, drink, bathe and breed.

5. Add wildflowers for wildlife: scatter native wildflower seeds for an easy burst of colour and a great way to attract new species to your garden.

6. Start a compost heap. Compost is good for your garden, reduces landfill and makes it easy to dispose of your kitchen and garden waste. But a compost heap will also attract worms, insects, birds and other insect and slug predators such as hedgehogs. You might even find a common newt sheltering there.

See to discover how to get started with our fantastic factsheets, wildlife gardens to visit, plus award schemes, competitions, community projects under the ‘join in’ banner being hosted by The Wildlife Trusts across the UK this summer.

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