My Wild Winter

Where will you go wild this winter? Photo by Paul Waterhouse 1/4
My Wild Winter starts now! Photo by Eddie Deane 2/4
Discover Norfolk's winter wildlife! Photo by Edward Jackson 3/4
Explore Norfolk's nature reserves, photo by Richard Osbourne 4/4
Despite being the coldest and darkest time of the year, there’s a wonderland of wildlife experiences waiting to be had during the winter months - so wrap up your young ones in preparation for their wildest winter yet!  

Grab your gloves, pull on your wellies and immerse yourselves in The Wildlife Trusts’ brrr-illiant route to spending time with nature this Christmas. My Wild Winter is jam-packed with ideas, places to go and things to do. All will help families to explore nature and wild places, at home or on days out over the festive period. 

Exploring nature at a young age can bring a lifetime of pleasure and winter offers a multitude of wildlife experiences to be had – build a shelter for yourself and a nest box for a bird, muck about with snow, ice and in the dark and identify wildlife from the tracks and signs they leave behind. Look out for deer, foxes, rabbits and different types of bird prints.

Chief Executive of Norfolk Wildlife Trust, Brendan Joyce, said: ““Keeping warm and finding food are the top tasks for much wildlife at this time of year. With food in short supply, many animals venture out into the open which can make it easier for us to spot wildlife in winter. It’s a great time to look for animal tracks too - in the snow, frost or mud! We’d love for young curious minds to escape the central heating, see how cold their noses can go, and explore and discover their local winter wildlife."
My Wild Winter activity guides, linked in the pods below, are our free downloadable guides to wildlife, habitats and activities to look out for and try this winter!

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Winter can be beautiful and there’s something about the sharp, biting air which is so invigorating! When you’re home, bake a bird cake and watch the garden birds come to you. Prepare a feast and watch them flock in!

- Naturalist Nick Baker, Vice President of The Wildlife Trusts
We live alongside a stunning array of wildlife and My Wild Winter aims to encourage children of all ages to get outside and make the most of Norfolk's wildlife. This is a fantastic time of year to get out and about and with so many nature reserves to choose from, and so many activities on offer, the only issue is where to start!
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Family events this winter!

2017-04-28 Thorpe Marshes Guided Walk Thorpe Marshes Guided Walk
Fri 28 Apr, 2017
2017-05-06 Wild about East Hills Wood Wild about East Hills Wood
Sat 06 May, 2017
2017-05-07 Bird bonanza Bird bonanza
Sun 07 May, 2017
2017-05-07 Brilliant Birds Brilliant Birds
Sun 07 May, 2017
2017-05-13 Family Fun Family Fun
Sat 13 May, 2017
2017-05-14 Memories from the mill Memories from the mill
Sun 14 May, 2017
2017-05-21 Eels eels eels Eels eels eels
Sun 21 May, 2017
2017-05-26 Thorpe Marshes Guided Walk Thorpe Marshes Guided Walk
Fri 26 May, 2017
2017-05-26 Fantastic Nightfall Flyers Fantastic Nightfall Flyers
Fri 26 May, 2017
2017-05-27 Wild about Train Wood Wild about Train Wood
Sat 27 May, 2017
2017-05-30 Capturing Cley Capturing Cley
Tue 30 May, 2017
2017-05-31 Signs of spring Signs of spring
Wed 31 May, 2017
2017-05-31 Sounds in our Surroundings Sounds in our Surroundings
Wed 31 May, 2017
2017-05-31 Dyke dipping Dyke dipping
Wed 31 May, 2017
2017-06-02 Miraculous minibeasts Miraculous minibeasts
Fri 02 Jun, 2017
2017-06-02 Dyke dipping Dyke dipping
Fri 02 Jun, 2017
2017-06-10 Brilliant Bees Brilliant Bees
Sat 10 Jun, 2017
2017-06-18 Memories from the mill Memories from the mill
Sun 18 Jun, 2017
2017-06-22 Thorpe Marshes Guided Walk Thorpe Marshes Guided Walk
Thu 22 Jun, 2017
2017-07-08 Butterflies of the Broads Butterflies of the Broads
Sat 08 Jul, 2017
2017-07-19 Thorpe Marshes Guided Walk Thorpe Marshes Guided Walk
Wed 19 Jul, 2017