Our Governance

Norfolk Wildlife (NWT) Trust is a registered charity (no 208734) founded in 1926. It is also a private company limited by guarantee (no 217388).

Our governing document is the Memorandum and Articles of Association, last updated and adopted at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) in October 2019. (Downloadable below)

Our governing body is the Council of Trustees, comprising the Trustees (the Company Directors) who have full decision-making authority on behalf of the Charity’s members. The charity has a number of committees and working groups. The trustees and members of the committee are all volunteers.


Annual Reports and Finances

We report annually to the Charity Commission and to Companies House. Our accounts are independently audited and formally adopted at the Annual General Meeting, which usually takes place in October.

We produce a statutory Annual Report and Accounts and also a summary document is made available to our membership and other interested parties (downloadable below).

Council and Trustees

Our governing body is the Council of Management and has full decision -making authority on behalf of the charity’s members. All Council members are volunteers.

The Council of Management is elected by the membership at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). Council Members are elected for a determined period and serve as trustees of the charity and directors under the Companies Act. The Council may co-opt trustees for a specific purpose. The maximum number of trustees allowed by our Memorandum and Articles of Association is 15 and not less than nine.

The trust may appoint a President, Deputy-President and Vice- Presidents. These offices are honorary, elected at the AGM, but they are not members of the Council, unless otherwise elected or co-opted for a specific purpose.

There are also two non-voting, student observer roles on Council, lasting for up to two years, open to those wishing to pursue a possible career in conservation and agriculture.

Our current council is listed on the right. Click on the names to read a biography.

Members of Council as at 19 November 2020

Chair: Alice Liddle
Vice-Chair: Jeff Price
Treasurer: Lyndsay Whiteman

Steve Cale
Andrew Clarke
Ben Garrod
Scott Pinching
Sue Roe
John Sharpe

Student Observer Members of Council

Sam Collin
Duncan Cullingford

Committees and Working Groups

Our governing body is the Council of trustees and has full decision-making authority on behalf of the membership. The Council has established specialist committees and specific working groups to help carry out the work of the charity.

At all meetings of the Council and committees, if any of those present have a possible conflict of interest it is declared and, if necessary, they would be excluded from Council business in relation to the matter.

The Finance and Risks Group advises the Council on matters relating to the financial management of the charity and its investments and other assets.

The Nominations Group advises the Council on matters relating to recruitment to various roles such as trustees, the role of Chief Executive of NWT or a recipient of an Award.

Working Groups are time limited and tend to relate to strategic priorities such as developments at reserves like Hickling Broad.

Useful downloads

   Code of Conduct - Download   
   Complaints process - Download   
   FINAL-approved-Memorandum-and-Articles-of-Association-18-10-19 Download   
   Final-NWT-Accounts-to-31-March-2020 - Download   
   Minutes-of-the-2020-AGM - Download   
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Annual Report 2020-21 Accessible Formats

Please find below copies of the Annual Report 2020-21 in accessible formats.
   Annual Report 2021-21 white version Download   
   Annual Report 2021-21 colour version Download