Filming at NWT nature reserves

Warden, Darrell Stevens being filmed by the BBC 1/3
The One Show filming at Norfolk Wildlife Trust 2/3
Stunning locations across Norfolk, such as NWT East Wretham Heath. Photo by Neal Trafankowski 3/3
As well as havens for all sorts of wildlife and offering stunning landscapes, our nature reserves have also been the location of a variety of filming projects. Everything from a Hollywood blockbuster to a college filming project has had scenes filmed at Norfolk Wildlife Trust sites. We have played host to a wide range of programmes from wildlife documentary film makers looking for bitterns and marsh harriers, to history experts exploring Norfolk’s rich past.

If you have a filming project about wildlife, or just think that a Norfolk nature reserve would be the perfect backdrop, please get in touch. For more information and to see our Location Agreement email Martin Parker  or phone 01603 625540.