Annual General Meeting 2018

Dunnock by Mark Hamblin,2020 Vision
The Annual General Meeting of Norfolk Wildlife Trust will be held on Thursday 25 October 2018 at 6.30pm at Suffolk Suite at Sprowston Manor Hotel and Country Club, Wroxham Road, Norwich, NR7 8RP.

  1. To receive the Report of Council and approve the Report and audited Financial Statements for the year ending 31 March 2018 – Resolution 1
  2. To re-appoint Lovewell Blake as the Trust’s auditors and authorise Council to determine their remuneration pending a tender process for the audit process – Resolution 2
  3.  To elect members of Council
    • Greg Beeton – Resolution 3
    • Sue Roe OBE – Resolution 4
  4. To approve nomination of Garth Inman as a Vice-President – Resolution 5
  5. Changes are proposed to Article 45 of the Articles of Association which deals with the election of members of the Council. The reasons for the proposed changes are to ensure members of Council are not required to step down during their first three year term of office and the Chairman is not required to step down during their first three year term of office as Chairman. The reference to an upper age limit of 75 years has also been removed:

    5.1 by deleting the existing Article 45 and replacing it with the following:
    At each Annual General Meeting of the Trust one third of the Elected Members of the Council (or, if their number is not three or a multiple of three, the number nearest to one third) being those who have been longest in office since their last election shall retire from office, provided always that there shall be excluded from such requirement to retire by rotation any Elected Member who will on the date of the relevant Annual General Meeting have served less than 35 months since their first election. As between Elected Members who became members of the Council on the same date those to retire shall (unless they agree otherwise among themselves) be determined by lot. Subject to the approval of Council, the Chair will not be required to retire from office during their first three year term as Chairman. An Elected Member shall be eligible for re-election unless he has served on the Council for a continuous period of nine years or more (or in the case of an Elected Member who at the expiry of that continuous period of nine years
    holds the office of Chairman or Vice-Chairman a continuous period of twelve years or more). If a director is required to so retire by rotation at an Annual General Meeting by virtue of this Article the retirement shall take effect upon the conclusion of the meeting. – Special Resolution 6
By order of Council
Pamela Abbott
Chief Executive Officer and Company Secretary

At the conclusion of item 5, the formal business of the AGM will be brought to a close. Informal items will follow. Under company law items dealt with informally cannot result in binding decisions.


Presentation of the Sydney Long Memorial Medals 2018

Discussion of any matters raised by NWT members

After the break, Peta Foxall, who recently took over as Chair of The Wildlife Trusts, will give a talk highlighting the strength of the national movement, touching on its contribution to health and wellbeing and showcasing ‘Our Bright Future’. Followed by a short NWT film about restoring water bodies.

Estimated finishing time: 9pm

Election of Council members

There are four vacancies on Council this year. Two candidates have been nominated. The candidates will be proposed for election at the AGM on a show of hands and the returned proxy forms.

Standing for re-election

Greg Beeton

Greg combines a passion for wildlife conservation with Business and Charity Governance. He is Group Director for a major UK Charity and Chair of four commercial subsidiary companies. Greg leads NWT’s Nominations Group, which was responsible for the new CEO appointment.

He actively forges links with landowners in Norfolk to further NWT’s Living Landscapes strategy delivery. He is passionate about NWT Holme Dunes and BTO science. He is an RSPB raptor monitor and a prize-winning wildlife photographer.

Sue Roe OBE

Sue has worked in conservation, both as a practitioner and a trustee. On Council she is a member of the Hickling Steering Group, focused on the future of this very special place, and also the Nominations Group.

Sue builds strong networks to support fundraising, and played a part in raising substantial contribution towards the purchase of Hickling Broad She would love to continue to contribute her time and experience to NWT.

Proposed candidate for role as Vice-President

Garth Inman

Garth has lived and worked in Norfolk as a solicitor since 1970. He has been a member of NWT for 34 years and a Trustee on Council since October 2009. He has been a Director of Norfolk Wildlife Services and part of the Hickling Steering Group.