Volunteering by Tony McKie 1/6
Tree surveying by Gemma Walker 2/6
Kingfisher by Brian Macfarlane 3/6
Volunteering by Eilish Rothney 4/6
Hedgehog by Dave Kilbey 5/6
Brown hare by Elizabeth Dack 6/6

Take action: Gaywood Valley

Many of our wildlife species are in trouble, the places where they live under threat. Creatures and plants that once were common here are declining and some, such as our most spectacular songbird - the nightingale - have almost entirely disappeared. More could follow, as our nature-rich habitats come under increasing pressures.
However, these losses and declines are not inevitable. Imagine a future Gaywood Valley where wildlife flourishes not only in its protected nature reserves, but also in the parks, gardens and farmland of King's Lynn and its neighbouring villages. A future where a thriving natural environment helps local people to live healthier, richer lives, and where children grow up inspired by, and feel part of, the natural world around them.
Is this an impossible vision of the future? We don't think so - there are many ways we can all contribute to making it happen. Click on the links to see how you can make a difference.
Wildlife advice
Find out about the many different ways you can help wildlife in the Gaywood Valley, from putting ...
A vital first step in safeguarding local wildlife is to find out what animals and plants actually...
Wildlife champions
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