Gaywood Valley

Gaywood Valley, photo by David North 1/1
This website will help you to find our all about one of Norfolk’s hidden natural gems – the Gaywood Valley Living Landscape – so you can get out into its wide expanses of heathland, or under its shaded woodland canopies, and experience the wealth of spectacular scenery, history, and wildlife that it has to offer.

Come with us on a journey through the amazing Gaywood Valley Living Landscape, and let your bodies, your minds and your hearts relate to the beauties of nature all around. There is much to discover and explore: even in the heart of King's Lynn there is plentiful wildlife to be found. Explore it and embrace it and your life will be forever richer.
Heathland, bogs, woodland and chalk streams make the Gaywood Valley a wildlife haven.
There are ample opportunities to get out into the Gaywood Valley and explore.
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There is much you can do to help ensure this beautiful part of Norfolk has a thriving future.

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