Children can learn about wildlife at home! You can encourage children enjoy nature by learning about garden and local wildlife together.

Below you will find resources for activities to keep the whole family entertained, from wildlife spotter guides to arts and crafts activities.

Get to know a tree
How well do you know a tree in your garden, or your street?
Make music with nature
Turn natural objects into your very own musical instruments!
Spot male & female birds
Learn to identify the males and females of these common garden birds.
Make a pooter
Get up close and personal with minibeasts by using a pooter!
Creata a nature mandala
Use wild materials and colours to make a pattern or picture
Go on a litterpick
Help nature by going on a mini litterpick or beach clean
Autumn leaves spotter
How many different leaves and trees can you tick off?
Build a hedgehog house
Make a simple house for these garden visitors
Fungi detective
Forage for fungi and learn as you go!
Ice decorations
Make some cool garden decorations from natural items (like leaves) and water
Nuts and berries spotter
How many berries and nuts can you identify this winter?
Christmas bird wreath
Create this natural festive treat for your garden birds
Pond dipping
Explore the hidden depths of your garden pond!
Bee ID
Learn to identify your buzzy garden friends
Make your own binoculars
Every budding naturalist needs their own pair of binoculars – get creative!
Spring wildflowers spotter
How many spring flowers can you identify?
Mini garden meadow
Grow your own mini meadow in your garden!
Garden bird detective
Get to grips with garden birds
Create a butterfly feeder
Attract butterflies to your garden with some sugar water and flower creations!
Make your own wormery
Learn about earthworms by making a cool wormery – see how they mix the soil layers
Collect animal footprints
Have a go at making a sandy footprint trap in your garden – what wildlife has visited overnight?
Butterfly detective
Learn how to identify common garden butterflies
Summer flowers spotter
Learn the names of lots of summer flowers that brighten up your neighbourhood
Make a moth trap
Create a light trap to spot moths