Enjoy autumn’s glowing displays of colour at Cley Marshes this October 1/4
Over the fesival global street artist ATM will be creating a large-scale mural of an iconic Cley bird 2/4
Listen to the melodic folk of Iceni Rising, an acoustic trio 3/4
Create art inspired by the colours of the autumnal landscape, with local artist Gareth Jones 4/4

Cley Calling – Autumn Colours

Wednesday 20 September, 2017

This autumn, you can explore North Norfolk’s colourful coastal landscape and culture as part of NWT’s Cley Calling - Autumn Colours festival, which coincides with the beginning of the Norfolk Walking & Cycling Festival. From Thursday 5 October to Sunday 8 October, a variety of creative art workshops, guided walks and health and wellbeing events will be hosted at Norfolk Wildlife Trust’s Cley Marshes to create a festival full of autumnal celebrations.
Some of the highlights of the festival include:
Thursday 5 October - Sunday 8 October – Live Street Art: throughout Autumn Colours, nationally-renowned street artist, ATM will be creating a large-scale mural of an iconic Cley bird. His expertise lies in painting endangered species, most commonly birds, in urban environments in order to urge humans to connect with nature. Everyone is invited to come along to NWT Cley Marshes to see street art in action and watch the bird transform over time.
Thursday 5 October – Coastal Stroll with Jules Pretty: tying in with Norfolk’s walking festival, well-known nature writer and coastal walker, Jules Pretty is leading an exclusive and intimate guided walk along a stretch of north Norfolk’s stunning coastline. Guests will have the opportunity to see the sky’s very own palette of colours as the sun sets over the marsh whilst they have their supper, followed by hearing Jules tell the tale of his walking adventure along the East Anglian bulge.
Friday 6 October – Does Nature Make You Happy?: Laurie Parma will be discussing her research into the relationship between well-being and biodiversity. She is currently working at the University of Cambridge on a project with the Cambridge Conservation Initiative, in which they have developed a new smartphone app ‘NatureBuzz’, which aims to capture the relationship between human well-being and the environment.

For more information, prices and to book tickets visit the Cley Calling site or call the NWT Centre at Cley on 01263 740008

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