Wildlife seasons: Bure Valley

Spring in the Bure Valley, and the woods and reedbeds are filled with birdsong. Early butterflies are on the wing, and other insects emerging. Flowers are beginning to bloom and trees coming into leaf.

Summer sees a flurry of activity as the breeding season gets into full swing. Birds busily bring food to their nests, while spectacular butterflies and dragonflies abound.

Autumn sees more birds on the move, with thrushes and wildfowl arriving from their northern breeding grounds. The leaf-strewn woodland floor is full of fungi, the berry bushes full of fruit.

Winter sees roving flocks of finches and tits feeding high in the alder carr, while lapwings and golden plover gather on the fields.

The heat of the fen contrasts with the cool shade of the verdant, fern-filled woods. The sky is a...
Leaves turn to reds and browns, then fall from the trees, while toadstools rise from rotten wood....
The air is crisp, the wind off the water biting. Flocks of ducks gather noisily on the water, und...

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